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DAILY NEW2023.1.17

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DAILY NEW2023.1.17

Holiday date: Jan 18-Jan 29



1. The scale of active winter storage of steel products in China has decreased year-on-year. With the coming of the Spring Festival holiday

2. To curb the price increase of iron ore, China's top economic planning agency convened a group of iron ore traders

3. On January 17, 2023, the People's Bank of China carried out a 506 billion yuan reverse repurchase operation through interest rate bidding


ECB Governing Council Hernandez De Cos: Continue to raise interest rates sharply

United States

The probability of the Fed raising interest rates by 25 basis points in February to the range of 4.50%-4.75% is 91.2%


Japanese buyers of silicon metal cautiously wait and see

South Korea

On January 13, the Bank of Korea raised the benchmark interest rate to 3.50%